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Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) Locomotive

CP 1095 (Spirit of Sir. John A.)


Canadian Locomotive Company Ltd. (CLC),
Model: 4-6-0
Serial Number:  
Frame Number:  
Built: 1913
Order Number:  

Built for:

Canadian Pacific Railroad
Road Number: CP
Status: Retired 1960
Second Owner:  
Road Number:  
Third Owner:  
Road Number:  
Fourth Owner:  
Road Number:  
Status: Confederation Park, Kingston, Ontario
Doon Pioneer Village (Waterloo Region Museum), Kitchener, Ontario, 1976, Photo by Marjorie Klassen, Collection of Carson Wiebe
D10g 894 a well-worn engine painted up for display at Doon Pioneer Village, Doon, (Kitchener) Ontario. 5/1964
CPR Angus 1/1911

Sub-class d, e and f had 22 1/2" x 28" cylinders, 180 lbs boiler pressure and 34,400 tractive effort.
All other sub-classes of D10's had 21" x 28" cyl. 200 lbs. and 33,300 t.e. All have 63" drivers.
Besides the CPR's Angus Shops D10's 600-1111 (507 engs.) were built between 4/1907 and 12/1913
by CLC and MLW as well as Richmond.

Doon Pioneer Village 1957 - 1985
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. No. 894 Kitchener, ON, Canada

Photo Copyright Tom Berridge   Click to Enlarge
Wheels: 4-6-0
Builder: CPR Angus Shops
Build Date: 01/1911
Construction No.: 1699
Empty Weight: 205,000
Weight on Drivers: 156,000
Driver Diameter: 63
Tractive Effort: 33,300
Boiler Pressure: 200
Cylinders: 21x28
Fuel: Coal
Gauge: Standard
Location: Doon Pioneer Village Status: Display Views: 1875
Record Created: Before June 10, 2017 Record Updated: Never Action: None
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. No. 894 Kitchener, ON
Date Action Description
  Built For: Canadian Pacific Railway Co. #2694
[01/1914] Renumbered: #894
[05/1964] Donated: Doon Pioneer Village


Kingston, Ontario, Canada

CP 1095 (Spirit of Sir. John A.) sitting in the snow.

Photos by Carson Wiebe 1978

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