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Last modified April 17th, 2012

(1) Canadian Pacific Railway # 6591

A three year old #6591 watches as CP 4-4-0 #136 in the next stall is prepared for her role in CP's famous Farewell to Steam triple headed fantrip which would run on May 1st, 1960. Photographed at Lambton Roundhouse by Clayton Morgan. 136 would be accompanied by ten wheelers #1057 and #815 on the trip. #815 would be scrapped, but both #136 and #1057 survive today on the South Simcoe Railway out of Tottenham, Ontario.

Lambton Roundhouse, May 1st 1960, Photo by Clayton Morgan

Smith Falls, Ottawa, Ontario, January 19th, 1964, Photo by Rich Stewart

Smith Falls, Ottawa, Ontario, May 20th, 1965, Photo by Bruce Chapman

Ottawa West, Ottawa, Ontario, February 9th, 1967, Photo by Bruce Chapman

Smiths Falls, Ontario, spring 1968, Photo by Kevin Day

Walkley Yard, Ottawa, Ontario, February 28th, 1975, Photo by Bruce Chapman

Brockville, Ontario, 6/17/1977, Photo by Robert Farkas

Smiths Falls roundhouse, Smith Falls, Ontario, April 18th 1979, Photo by Wendell Lemon


(2) Smith Falls Railway Measum # 6591

Smith Falls, Ontario, 6/20/1987, Photo by Sam Botts

Smiths Falls, Ontario, 11/13/2010, Photo by Marc G Vallieres


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