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QTTX 131050 - Heavy Duty Flat

Initial QTTX   Draft Gear 15
Number 131047   Inside Length  


Heavy Duty Flat Car

  Inside Width 10' 8"

AAR Car Type Code

F402   Inside Height  
Load Limit 439,500 lbs.   Outside Length 73' 8"
Max Weight on Rail 572,000 lbs.   Extreme width 10' 8"
LT. WT 132,500 lbs.   Extreme Height 7' 5"
Cu Ft Capacity    

Height of extreme width

4' 2"
Gal. Capacity     Compartments  
Plate Clearance  C  

Platform Length


Mechanical Designation

Built By

Difco Inc., Findlay, Ohio

  Built May 1995
Number Built 5   Re-Built  

Aldershot, ON, 08/09/2008, Glenn Courtney

 April 22nd, 2012

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