Stella-Jones Inc.

New Westminster, BC

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SJTX 1000 - 1016 Series - Flat Cars with Log Bunks
This series of 17 cars are leased by Stella-Jones Inc. and are used to ship hydro poles. 12 cars are equipped with permanent log bunks and 5 are equipped with removable log bunks.
Stella-Jones has a plant in Guelph, Ontario (Guelph Utility Pole Company Ltd.). The plant is served by a GEXR team track on Edinburgh Road. These cars travel on the GEXR some time during the year.
SJTX 1000
Coquitlam, BC
SJTX 1001
Kitchener, Ontario
SJTX 1002
Guelph, Ontario
SJTX 1003
Coquitlam, BC
Guelph, Ontario
SJTX 1004
Guelph, Ontario
  SJTX 1005
SJTX 1006
Kitchener, Ontario
  SJTX 1007   SJTX 1008
SJTX 1009   SJTX 1010  
SJTX 1011
Guelph, Ontario
SJTX 1012
Kitchener, Ontario
SJTX 1013
Kitchener, Ontario
  SJTX 1014
SJTX 1015
Kitchener, Ontario
SJTX 1016
Kitchener, Ontario

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