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Canadian National 6100 - "Confederation" (Northern) (CLC) 4-8-4 Class U-2-a
1927, Photo in the collection of Carson Wiebe

Canadian National Confederations

The Canadian National Railway took delivery of its first 4-8-4 locomotive (road number 6100) in 1927 and used the name "Confederation" (to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation) for this wheel arrangement from the very beginning. In all, 40 "Confederations" were delivered to CNR in 1927, 20, Class U-2-a, from the Canadian Locomotive Works and 20, Class U-2-b, from the Montreal Locomotive Works.

In 1929, another 20 "Confederations", Class U-2-c, came from the Montreal Locomotive Works and in 1936, another five, Class U-2-d, also from Montreal were added, making a total of 65.

Also in 1936, five very special semi-streamlined locomotives, Class U-4-a (road number 6400 through 6404) were built by the Montreal Locomotive Works. The design was the product of extensive research conducted by the National research Council of Canada in a study completed in 1934 with the purpose to improve efficiency of engines by reducing aerodynamic drag and enhance safe operation by improving visibility from the cab at lower speeds. 6400 is the only one of its class preserved.

Between 1940 and 1944 a total of 90 more 4-8-4s, in four batches, were added to the roster giving CNR a total of 160 "Confederations".

There are six surviving "Confederations"; number 6153 at the Canadian Railway Museum in Delson, QC, number 6167 near the CN station in Guelph, ON, numbers 6200 and 6400 at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa, ON, number 6213 at the CPR John Street Roundhouse in Toronto, ON and number 6218 at the Fort Erie Railroad Museum in Fort Erie, ON.





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CN No. 6100


4-8-4 CLC

Canadian Locomotive Company - Montreal Works


Order Number 566


Weight of Engine in running order 146,100 lb. Weight of Tender in running order 98,900 lb. Weight of Engine and Tender in running order 245,000 lb.
Weight of Engine empty 132,650 lb. Weight of Tender empty 45,400 lb. Weight of Engine and Tender empty 178,050 lb.
Tractive Power, Maximum 31,800 Fuel Capacity 8 Tons Water Capacity 4,500 US Gallons
Length over all, Engine and Tender 57'-10 3/8" Extreme Width 10'-4 3/4" Extreme Height 14'-3 1/2"

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