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Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) Locomotive

CP # 1900


Model: F9B
Serial Number: A 629
Frame Number:  
Built: 1/1955
Order Number:  

Built for:

Canadian National Railroad
Road Number: CN 6612
Status: Sold 1978
Second Owner: Via Rail
Road Number: VIA 6612
Status: Sold 1995
Third Owner: Nebkota Railway
Road Number: NRI 66
Status: Sold 1998
Fourth Owner: Canadian Pacific Railroad
Road Number: CP 1900
Overhauled At NRE, SIlvis, IL, 2013, Third porthole added
Status: Operational 2021
CP 1401 North, Mile 59.02 CP Mactier Sub., Springwater Township, Ontario, 10/8/2021, Photo by Carson Wiebe
Fourth Owner: Canadian Pacific Railroad CP 1900
CP Alyth Yard, Calgary, Alberta, May 10th, 2016, Photo by Carson Wiebe

Third Owner: Nebkota Railway NRI 66

Second Owner: Via Rail VIA 6612
First Owner: Canadian National Railroad CN 6612

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