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RLK 2211 Locomotive
RLK 2211


Model: GP35
Serial Number: A2043
Frame Number:  
Built: 6/1964
Order Number: C293

Built for:

Canadian Pacific Railway
Road Number: CP 8210
Class: DRS-25a
Renumber: CP 5010 in 1965
Status: Sold to HELM (11/1998).
Status: Immediately re-sold to Railink
Second Owner: RaiLink - Lakeland & Waterways
Road Number: RLK 5010
Rebuilt: GP35m
Transferred: RaiLink - Southern Ontario Railway
Renumber: RLK 2210 in 2000
Renumber: RLK 2211 in January 2006
Assigned to: Goderich-Exeter Railway
Renumbered: Goderich-Exeter Railway RLK 2211
GEXR Kitchener Yard, Kitchener, Ontario, August 10th, 2014, Photo by Carson Wiebe
Transferred to: Goderich-Exeter Railway RLK 2210
Kitchener, ON, 7/14/2012, Photo by Carson Wiebe
Transferred to: Southern Ontario Railway
Garnet, ON, 7/18/2003, Paul Leach
Second Owner: RaiLink as Lakeland & Waterways RLK 5010
Repainted: Canadian Pacific Railway CP 5010
Coquitlam, BC, 8/23/1996, Michael Macgowan
Renumbered: Canadian Pacific Railway CP 5010
Toronto, ON, 1966, Doug Hately, From the Bill Sanderson collection;
First Owner: Canadian Pacific Railway CP 8210
Ottawa, Ontario, 1964, Bruce Chapman, From the Bill Sanderson collection.

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