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The Goderich-Exeter Railway (GEXR) Locomotive Roster
RLK # 4001


Model: GP9 - Rebuilt  GP9E
Serial Number: 25631
Frame Number: 5608-1
Built: 8/1959
Order Number: 5608

Built for:

Southern Pacific
Road Number: SP 5872
Renumber: SP 3708
Status: Sold
Second Owner: Central Western Railway
Road Number: CWRL 4001
Status: Transferred 2002
  Lakeland & Waterways Railway
  LW 4001
Status: Transferred 2002
Third Owner: Goderich-Exeter Railway
Road Number: RLK 4001
Status: Operational 2015
On the way to GEXR in Stratford, Ontario, CN Kitchener Yard, Kitchener, Ontario, 11/1/2019, Carson Wiebe
Transferred to: Goderich-Exeter Railway RLK 4001
Kitchener, Ontario, 8/6/2015, Photo by Carson Wiebe
Transferred to: Lakeland & Waterways LW 4001
LW 4001 after transfer to GEXR, Stratford, ON, 2/3/2006, Don Janes
Second Owner: Central Western Railway CWRL 4001
Renumbered: Southern Pacific SP 3708
Niland, CA, 6/1/1987, Mike Woodruff
First Owner: Southern Pacific SP 5872

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