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RMRX 8017


Model: GP40
Serial Number: 34291
Frame Number: 7127-10
Built: 8/1968
Order Number: 7127

Built for:

Penn Central
Road Number: PC 3114
Status: Corporate Change - April 1976
Owner: Conrail
Road Number: CR 3114
Status: Sold 1983
Second Owner: Missouri-Kansas-Texas
Road Number: MKT 3114
Renumbered: 1984
Road Number: MKT 239
Status: Sold - Oct. 19th 1989
Third Owner: Union Pacific
Road Number: UP 675
Renumbered: Mar. 2000
Road Number: UP 9956
Status: Sold - 2001
Fourth Owner: NRE
Road Number: NREX 9956
Status: Rebuilt - GP40-2s
Status: Sold
Fourth Owner: Great Canadian Railtours Co Ltd
Road Number: RMRX 8017
(Fifth Owner) RMRX 8017
Chase, BC, 5/15/2011m Greg Sherwood
Vancouver, BC, 12/31/2007, Steve Arnot
(Forth Owner) NRE 9956
(Third Owner - Renumbered) Union Pacific 9956
(Third Owner) Union Pacific 675
Roseville, CA, 2001, Nathan Holmes
(Second Owner - Renumbered) MKT 239
Sedalia, MO, 2/23/1986, Rick Morgan
 (Second Owner) MKT 3114
(Corporate Change) Conrail 3114
South Bend, IN, 3/19/1978, Tim Vermande
(First Owner) PC 3114
Dolton, IL, 8/28/1976, Kim Piersol

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