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GE 70 Ton Switcher Production Roster - SN 32682

Cherry River Boom & Lumber # 3


This photo was taken in the C R B & L yard. Looking slightly north west. The main part of Richwood is in back of the engine. To the far left the white building was the Rainbow Grill. The tall darker building behind it was the Nicholas Garage on Oakford Avenue in Richwood. The date is before June of 1960. Photographer unknown. From the collection of Paul Richard Greathouse.

Cherry River Boom & Lumber No.3 & train, 6/1/1958 Photo TMNY collection

# 3 was crossing Camp 4 hollow bridge and the bridge gave way.  Put the engine in the River. This was 6th of June 1960.   No serious injuries.  4 people were on the train.  2 in the cab and 2 in the caboose. 

The Nicholas Republican, Thursday, June 9, 1960, From the collection of Paul Richard Greathouse.

C R B & L had 3 of these 70 ton engines; # 2 went to Modesto in California, # 1, I can not find out where it went.  The now mayor of Clendenin took one to a Georgia Pacific mill in Louisianan.  He does not remember the number of the engne.

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