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GE 95 Ton Switcher Production Roster - SN 31517
(1) Interlake Steel Corporation # 11

Chicago, IL, 1980, Photo by Southeast Chicago Historical Society

(2) Acme Steel # 11

No picture has been found of this unit during this ownership.
Chicago, IL,

(3) Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum # 11

Interlake Iron GE 95-tonner No. 11

Built by General Electric (S/N 31517) at Erie, Pennsylvania, in May of 1952. The locomotive is powered by a Cooper-Bessemer FWL-6T engine that is rated at 600 horsepower. The unit was built as the Interlake Iron Corporation (later Interlake Steel Corporation) no. 11, and then later becoming Acme Steel no. 11. The locomotive was donated to our museum by Acme Steel and arrived on January 13, 1995. This locomotive has gone through an extensive rebuild process and will be ready for service in 2011. It has been restored to its Interlake Steel Corporation lettering.

Picture  and text by HVRM

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