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GE 95 Ton Switcher Production Roster - SN 32518
This locomotive was the 47th and the last locomotive built of the 95 Ton series.
Unfortunately the Board of Directors decided to scrap this locomotive in 2015
(First Owner) Electro Metallurgical Company # 18
Date Unknown
(Second Owner, internal corporate transfer)  L-Tec Welding # 18
(Third Owner, corporate reorganization) Praxair Inc. # 18
Stored at Niagara Falls, NY, May 20th, 2008, Photo by Carson Wiebe
(Fourth Owner) Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society # WCR 1518

Stored at St. Jacobs, Ontario, March 20th, 2009, Photo by Carson Wiebe

Scan of the first page of the Renewal Parts Catalog by Carson Wiebe, Waterloo, ON, 2009

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