77280 - Alco (MLW) S-3 Switcher


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Last modified June 5th, 2012

(1) Canadian Arsenals # 1



Original Builders Photograph April 1952,  Montreal, Quebec, Photo by MLW, Collection of Carson Wiebe


1980, Lake Windermere, BC

(2) Westroc Industries 1, Invermere BC

No picture has been found of this unit during this ownership. If you have one or any information about this unit, please let the Webmaster know. Thank you.


(3) Lehigh/Lafarge Cement


    (4) Rocky Mountain Rail Society # RMAX 16-52

    Ogden Yard, Calgary, AB, May 22nd, 2005


06/2011, Photo by Kevin Quigley

06/2011, Photo by Kevin Quigley

Warden, Alberta, August, 2011, Photo by Kevin Andrusia


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