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77638 - Alco (MLW) S-3 Switcher
(1) Canadian Pacific Railway # 6503
Winnipeg, Man, 08/15/72 Photo by Stan Styles
Winnipeg, Man., September 1st, 1975, Photo by John Eull, Collection of Sam Beck
(2) United Grain Growers UGG 002
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(3) West Coast Railway Heritage Park  WCXX 6503

CPR No. 6503 was one of the first S3's bought by Canadian Pacific in 1951 to test the value of a 660 horsepower non turbocharged switcher. Watched closely by the railway, No. 6503 was assigned to Winnipeg and quickly proved of value as a sturdy and reliable locomotive. CPR subsequently purchased 121 more S3's, ending in 1959 with No. 6623.

No. 6503 has been modified with a buffer plate on the ends over the coupler in order to be able to handle passenger cars.

The design of the "Prime Mover" or Diesel engine of this locomotive dates back to the early 1930's. These engines were immensely successful and were used to power everything in World War II from tanks to Navy Corvettes. With this kind of track record and their heavy weight they were a logical choice to power the post war generation of Diesel Electric locomotives.

This locomotive served the CPR in various locations across Canada until 1983 when she was sold to United Grain Growers. The unit switched grain cars round UGG Terminals in Vancouver until retired in 1987. At that time No. 6503 was acquired for the West Coast Railway Association and put in storage.

Squamish, BC, August 25th, 2007, Photo by Frank Valoczy
Squamish, BC, April 19th, 2012, Photo by Jim Leishman

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