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 Construction Photos

March 2010

Notwithstanding the hydro was still not connected, the heat was not working and there was 1.5 feet of frost in the ground the pits were dug.


The hydro was finally connected which will enable us to keep the heat on to eliminate the frost in the floors.


The plumber immediately placing the piping for the pit  floor drains and oil separator.


After the plumbing was inspected Integrated Concrete began the construction of the pits.


The finished pits before backfilling.


The balance of the underground plumbing was completed.


The backfilling was completed.


The rail bases were constructed.


Inside the shop the rails were installed by Al and Carson prior to the floors being poured.


Rail material and equipment arrived on site in preparation to install the south approach to the shop.


A drainage system was installed in the south yard by Martin Drainage prior to any rail work starting.


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